Nathaniel Maddux

Your data is like a jungle

It inhabits many forms including text files, databases, web pages, instrument files, and more. It's treacherous with missing data, spikes, high noise, and mismatching independent variables. It's labyrinthine due to its multidimensionality and number of independent variables, and it's composed of many entangled, hard-to-separate phenomena.

Your goldmine is hidden in this jungle, and like a jungle, it's difficult to know where to start a search, how to search, and what tools to bring.

You need to cut a path through the thicket

You may want a predictive model or an explanatory model. You may want to untangle overlapping phenomena in data, identify problems before they become serious, or know where valuable knowledge lies in your data. All of these require exploration and prior knowledge. When the data and needs are non-trivial, the typical result is a standoff: it's difficult to gain knowledge without exploration, but it's also difficult to explore without sufficient knowledge.

I can be your guide

An expert guide is a master at organizing searches for rapid co-amplification of exploration and discovery. That means exploring a little, learning a little, and then exploring better, learning faster, and so on. This is the scientific method, and when applied to data it's called data science.

I have 10 years of data science experience, and my extensive mathematical training, including a PhD in Physics, gives me quick insight into the advantages and limitations of mathematical models. It also gives me the ability to create entirely new methods for modeling and visualizing data. Finally, I've published extensively on the analysis and visualization of data.

As an expert data scientist, I bring the following key skills to any search:

Time series analysis
Fault Detection
Data Organization
Feature engineering
Parallel Algorithms
Cloud Computing
Volumetric Data
Small Data
Big Data

Protein Drug Particle Comparison

PCA Image Fusion Review Article

Protein Drug Stability Comparison

Web Traffic Forecasting Challenge

Multi-Array Cleaning and Analysis

Advanced Mixture Modeling

Protein Drug Stability Prediction

Passenger Screening Challenge

I can build a highway to your goldmine

Like highways, the systems I build are extendable, high-throughput, automated, and reliable. Whatever your data science needs, I can build you a worry-free, maximally effective solution.

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Let's chat about your project. Together we can build a cutting-edge data science solution that emphasizes discovery and your curiosity.