Empirical Phase Diagram Review Article
Elements: Science writing, data visualization, singular value decomposition, Mathematica, interdisciplinary collaboration
Links: Pre-peer-review manuscript (PDF)
Published journal article (behind paywall)
Published article also available upon request.

In the second year of my physics PhD, I was asked to write the review paper for an analysis and plotting technique developed at the lab where I worked. This was to be my first paper, so it was quite an honor. I took tremendous care in every aspect of the project to make it first-rate. Figure 2, for example, required reformatting 40 plots generated over a 6-year time-span using different software, axii, fonts etc. Of my own initiative, I developed a script to process the plots, replacing axii and resizing for uniformity. I also chose to make the mathematics accessible to readers who did not possess knowledge of linear algebra, even though the technique is entirely based on it. The effort was worth it, as the article was one of the top downloaded articles in 2011 and awarded “Editor's Pick” in January 2012.